Our Story

In 2000, Sum-Ware, Inc. only existed in the mind of its creator. As a dealer principal, Dave was frustrated with the software being recommended and pushed on him. Each product seemed to disappoint in the same ways: each was more expensive than the last, introduced as many problems as they solved, required long-term contracts, and don’t even talk about the “up sales.” He was done with the whole process. Dave saw a future where software should work for the business, rather than forcing the dealership to change processes to use a software platform.

Fed up, Sum-Ware was born to provide tools that actually solve problems and to never cause their customers to feel these same frustrations.

Our mission is to give solutions designed to consolidate information needing action, delivered to everyday tools (Text, Email, and Web), simplify business processes by strategically delegating tasks to technology. By automating tasks that should be handled by a computer our members are freed to spend their time providing exceptional customer service, while reducing labor costs and increasing revenue. We accomplish this mission with simple, fair pricing, without long-term contracts and without “nickel and diming” dealers to squeeze dealers for every dollar we can.

Fast forward to now. Our team lives this mission every day. We do not focus on making applications that can be shoehorned into any shop, we focus on building solutions that work for forward thinking dealerships. We believe in charging a price that ensures a great value. Often our members are amazed at the quality they receive for the amount of money they spend. We can afford to charge such a reasonable price because our solutions work. We do not spend hours on support calls, we spend hours working on improving our service.

Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” If you would like to join a team that is continually working with dealers to innovate, leave us your email and we can assist you in creating your future.