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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Hynts connects to your Dealer Management System and sends all communications through our servers. Customers responses are sent directly to your email inbox, so there are no new applications for advisors to install or to remember to use.
No, texting key to effective communication with today’s customer, so unlimited texting is included in every Hynts subscription.
While setting up texting is simple, there are a couple hoops to jump through.

  • Use the form above to contact Hynts support
  • Add wording to your Repair Order form for customers to opt-in to receiving text messages.
  • Each advisor is trained on how to prevent Hynts from texting customers that opt-opt
Hynts sends text messages to customers with valid mobile numbers that have not “opted-out” of receiving phone calls. When a customer chooses to not receive text messages you need to update their record in your DMS. Check with your Service Manager to see which method is preferred for your dealership.

  • Update their “cell phone” or “mobile phone” field to be blank or the words “OPT-OUT”. Be sure to store the phone number in another field like “home” or “other” so you can still have access to call the customer.
  • Set the “opt-out” flag for phone calls. Methods for using “opt-out” flags vary by DMS. Check with your DMS provider on how to set this flag.
No. Hynts uses the service advisor’s existing company email as a central hub of customer communications. When a customer replies to a Hynts text message, the service advisor will receive an email containing the message. By replying to that email with a short message (no more than 160 characters), the service advisor will send their response as a text message back to the customer.
Hynts is a tool for managing communications with today’s customers. Sum-Ware is the company that provides Hynts services. If you contact support using the form above and include your invoice number, we can direct you to the approving manger.
Contact Hynts support using the form above to let us know when and how long you expect to be away from the dealership. We will direct your customers’ messages to your Service Manager until you return.
Contact support using the form above. We will help create a new message that better meets your needs and provide analysis to make sure the new message is having the CSI impact you are looking for.